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Rotary Club of Thane Uptown was Chartered on 30th June, 1992. Our First Charter President was Rtn. Kumudini Ballal.

Our Club has Evolved over the Years and Currently have 32 Members from Various Professions - Doctors, Engineers, Marketing Professionals, IT professionals ,Teachers, Supply Chain etc. The projects that we undertake in the under privilege areas highlight our commitment to Rotary vision of "Sevice Over Self".

We Strive to Promote and Undertake any Activity that Improve General Health, Hygiene, Better Education and Betterment in the Lives of Economically Backward and Needy.

To be Able to Touch Lives of One Million Needy People, Improve their Life and Sustain the same by 2020.

We work in Various Areas Key Areas

Taking Care of Environment

We Just Don't Want to Protect the Environment but We Want to Create a World Where Environment Does'nt need Protection. For Making it True We have Decided to Educate People and Provide Various Opportinuties for Re-collect, Re-cycle and Re-Use. We Have Taken Projects of Tree Plantation and Maintenance, Seed Bomb, Reduction and Collection of E-Waste.

Health And Hygiene

Health Education Plays an Important Role in the Community Hygiene. To Prevent Illness and Have Positive Health Attitude, Correct and Complete Knowledge of Health and Hygiene is Necessary. We Carryout Projects Which Provides Assistance to People on Taking Care of Self, Family and Community. Along With That We also Provide Medical Facilities and Guidance to Cure the Illness.


Irina Bokova Has Rightly said "Literacy is Much More Than an Educational Priority it is Ultimate Investment in the Future and the First Step Towards all the New Forms of Literacy Required in the 21st Century." Hence Like Her, We also Wish to See a Century Where Every Child/Adult is Litrate and Use the Skill to Gain Autonomy. Hence We Carryout Projects in the areas of Adult Education, Under Priveledge Children, Career Guidance etc.

Skill Development

We all Know that, In Today's Age of Globalization and Tech Volatility Skill Building is Powefull Tool to Empower Individuals and Improve their Social Acceptance. Hence we Carryout Projects Which will Make Women Self Dependent (Financially and Mentally) and Fight Against the Injustice.

Community Development

Community Development is Tied to Economic Developmet. The Growth of Collectives Plays an Important Role in Community Development. Alone we Can do Little, Together We can do So Much... Hence we Have Tied up with a Village Who Shares their Problems and We Jointly work Towards Resolving their Issues and Provide Them With a Better LifeStyle.

Water Conservation

We Believe in Dalai lama's Saying "Every Human Should Have The Idea of Taking Care of the Environment, Of Nature, Of Water. So Using Too Much or Wasting of Water Should Have Some Kind of Feeling or Sense of Concern. Some Sort of Responsibility and with that, a sense of discipline."

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